O+ Festival Recap

Press release from the O+ Festival:

Kingston, New York – Almost 2,000 people attended the 3rd Annual O+ Festival held in the Historic Stockade District of Uptown Kingston from October 5th through 7th this year. The Festival whose tagline is “Bartering the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art,” is based on the provision of free health access to all participating artists and musicians. Bands such as the Felice Brothers performed, and public artwork was displayed throughout Uptown Kingston. In total there were 40 bands, 41 artists, 58 healthcare providers, and 4 dentists. There were 443 hours of care donated, totaling $69,450 worth of free health access. Amazing coverage for this groundbreaking event helped to make this year a tremendous success. All of the money raised goes toward the provision of medical supplies for the event. For more information on O+ or to learn how to become involved next year, please visit: www.opositivefestival.org

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