Andrew Gouché and Michael Tobias auction the first MTD Andrew Gouché artist bass at the 2012 MTD4LYFE Charity Concert

A 2010 Future of Music Coalition survey found that 34 percent of 1,400 musicians surveyed didn’t have health insurance — twice the national average. An independent study showed that the more time a musician spent on music, the more likely they would be uninsured.

Currently, those who pursue a career in the music often do not have the ability to purchase health benefits. While Congress has succeeded in passing a health care reform bill, this has yet to have any real impact on the lives of musicians (especially those with pre-existing medical conditions such as Tinitus, hearing loss or carpel-tunnel syndrome; conditions that can prevent a musician player from working all together).  After learning of organizations such as the O+ Festival and MusicCares, Michael Tobias decided to give back to the musicians who have given their life to their craft.

Through spreading awareness and donating funds and resources to organizations that focus on providing free or low-cost healthcare for musicians, MTD4Lyfe hopes to educate and assist  musicians to with existing and preventative healthcare issues.

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